Day 10: Third Day in Sri Lanka

Today is the last day we are going to stay in a different hotel than the one we have in Colombo, so we are going to power through today and tomorrow. We got up at 6:15, had breakfast, and we were off. We had a 20 minute tuk tuk ride to Dumballa where we got a 3 hour bus ride to Kandy and then got a taxi that was supposed to take up to Nuwara Eliya. We were in the taxi for about 15 minutes when our driver stopped and told us that there was no gasoline in Nuwara Eliya and he couldn't take us there. All of the taxis, tuk tuks, and buses were stopped or turning around because there was no way for them to get there. We were able to find a small bus that could take us there (and it was the first bus we had been on with AC).
          Once we got to Nuwara Eliya, we had to do our scavenges quickly so we could get to the next city we had to go to. First we went to the post office to send post cards. Then we took a taxi to Pedros, where we got a super cool and quick tour of thei…

Day 9: Second Day in Sri Lanka

This is the second day of being in Sri Lanka, and we are in Anuradhapura. We did all of our scavenges, which took a good amount of the morning. We did A LOT of walking, we climbed up to a temple called Mihintale, and we went to a lot of other temples. I walked barefoot quite a bit today, and it was so so so hot and humid. After we finished all of our scavenges for Anuradhapura, we took a 2 ½ hour bus to Polonnaruwa.
          We did all of our scavenges there and by that time it was mid afternoon. We did more walking, more temples, and we even saw an irrigation system. We took tuk tuks around Polonnaruwa, and one of the drivers was very nice. He let me drive his tuk tuk to one of the temples!! It was super fun, the only hard part was going on the wrong side of the street to pass people without being hit. That was a little scary, but it was still fun.
          After Polonnaruwa, we took a big taxi to Sigiriya. This taxi was really nice because it had AC!!! After the 1 ½ hou…

Day 8: First Day in Sri Lanka

We arrived at midnight and I was very tired because I did not sleep during the flight, me nerves were through the roof. I was worrying (which my dad reminded me was pointless) about all of the things that could go wrong, or that I would hate it, and of course squat toilets and no AC. Thankfully we were staying in a VERY nice hotel, and I was able to go straight to bed.
           The next morning I got up around 10 (finally my normal wake up time!) and the breakfast was AMAZING. It was outside right by the ocean, the food was amazing, and there were people slingshotting at birds (coolest job ever). After we got our scavenges, we went straight back to the room to pack some clothes to take with us wherever we were going. We got books, and while we were planning we figured out that the train we needed to take had one last train that left in 15 minutes. So we ran outside, got a tuk-tuk (middle-eastern taxi) and made it to the station right on time.
          The train was to Anu…

Day 7: 7 Hour Layover Challenge

Today was a very fast-paced day. We had a layover in Bangkok, so today was scavenging in Bangkok while it was 100 degrees outside. We went to temples, we rode mopeds, boats, and did a lot of other cool things. We were melting all day. My favorite parts were riding the mopeds and the lovely foot massage. We will be in Sri Lanka for the next week or so so we won't have wifi. We will keep you posted when we can. Until next time!! ;)

Daddy's View:

Sydney had to jot those notes in 10 minutes in the boarding area after a long day.  We're in Sri Lanka now, it's about 2am, and she fell asleep almost as soon as we opened the hotel room door here, so I'll give the activity summary.

We left Hanoi this morning at 10:30am local.  We got to Bangkok at noon, where we would have a layover until our 10pm flight.  In that time we had to do a Layover Challenge - 10 scavenges that we could choose from.  It was pretty cool - we had the kick-off huddle right outside our gate, …

Day 6: Second Day in Hanoi

4am, awake and ready for a full day! In Hanoi, sunrise is at 5:30 and some of our scavenges required being done before sunrise, hence the 4am wake up calls. We took a cab to a flower market, and a market on the Long Bien bridge. Then we walked across the Long Bien bridge, which was built buy Gustav Eiffel. It's a little over a mile long and it was 5:15 in the morning, I was pretty tired. However, that kicked in my adrenaline and I was really awake for the majority of the day.
         We took a cab from there to the Hanoi Hilton, and while walking to the Melia (Marriott) hotel, we stopped to have a pho breakfast. The only pho place open was a very small place, and we sat on the sidewalk on kids toy furniture. It ended up being a very good meal. We got to the Melia to get casino chips, only to learn that they play with American dollars, so we got two bucks. We took a cab to a park where we learned tai chi for about 10 minutes, then we headed back to the hotel to take a li…

Day 5: First Day in Hanoi!

The third leg has started! We had an 8:30am flight to Hanoi, Vietnam, and now we're here! It was a short 2 hour flight, and we are staying at the 2 year old Apricot hotel, (which also has VERY SPARKLY chandeliers!!!). These hotels we have been staying at are LIT!!!! (that means awesome and super cool for the adults who don't fully understand teenage vernacular). We had about an hour to chill, and then we met up in the lobby to close the HK leg and start the Hanoi leg. Team Ying got 3rd!!!!!! I'm super happy, even though it's not 1st, we sweat our BUTTS off and now we have a pretty good idea of what it would take to win. We are going to try hard, but also focus a lot on enjoying ourselves.
          We got our scavenges list, and we have until 10pm the next day. We are pending 36 hours in Hanoi, and then it's of to some other country somewhere in the world! Based on our experiences in HK, we knew the first things we had to do were, get cash, find maps and …

Day 4: Second Day in Hong Kong

Our second day in HK! We slept from 4-8:30am, and the scavenging had started by 9:30-10. We decided today to stick with the "easier" and closer scavenges. Today was just one of those days when everything seems to not go right, even though we had that yesterday too. We went to Stars of Avenue, which was closed. But thankfully we got to walk through the garden, which was really nice. We went to go look for a cafe that was one of our options to go to and it was really close to the hotel. That cafe either no longer exists, or there is 2 of the same address, which was irritating.
          We did go to 3 markets, the Jade market, the Ladies market, and the flower market. At one point we went to a supermarket and my dad dried durian, and we both tried mangosteen. We sent postcards out (which was a scavenge) to a boy at Luca's school, and we sent one home to our family to wish my mom a HAPPY 45TH BIRTHDAY!!!
          We went to Chi Lin Nunnery to find the oldest bons…